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"The best packaging ever!" | Product Review by Standley Handcrafted

March 14, 2022 1 min read

Review of Flush Packaging Shipping Boxes for Candles by Jeff Standley of Standley Handcrafted

"...I just got sent probably what is the nicest packaging I've seen for candles out there."

- Jeff Standley, Standley Handcrafted


We are beyond excited to share an amazingly honest and thorough review of our shipping boxes by Jeff Standley of Standley Handcrafted!

Jeff is a go-to resource for candle making businesses of all sizes and stages of maturity. He is also the Administrator for the popular "DIY Candle Making Beginner to Advanced", a forum on Facebook that encourages open discourse and exchange of ideas when it comes to all aspects of candle making.

We've been longtime fans of Jeff and the content he produces for so many candlemakers. His focus on highlighting common challenges, pitfalls, and growing pains when it comes to candle making has cemented him as a transparent resource who is enthusiastic about helping others. This is what we love most about Jeff.

Watch Jeff talk about some of the features of our shipping boxes along with their many applications - from safely packaging mason jars and glass jars for shipping to making a great first impression with your brand.




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