Aura Shipping Box

  • Made to fit one Aura vessel, our two-piece insert and outer shipping box is the perfect protective packaging for handmade candles made with Wooden Wick Aura Candle vessels. Tired of bubble-wrapping? Sick of packing peanuts? Level-up your packaging with our all-in-one shipper that removes guesswork and makes packing a breeze. Vessel not included.


    1. Designed to safely ship Wooden Wick Aura Candle Vessels with all wooden and metal lid styles without bubble wrap or any other packaging materials
    2. UPS Ground ship-tested design
    3. Two piece insert design assembles leisurely in under 20 seconds
    4. Both insert pieces are identical to make assembly a breeze
    5. Perforated tear tabs allow for a presentable and quick unboxing experience
    6. Two full layers of 100% recyclable corrugated material provide cushioning around each side of the vessel
    7. Built-in air-cell around perimeter of box provides rigidity to outer box and protects from side and corner impacts
    8. Fits 4" x 6" shipping labels
    9. 100% guaranteed
    10. Weight: 10.1 oz
  • Our Aura Shipping Box is compatible with Aura vessels and different lid combinations. The following dimensions reflect varying heights based on lid selection:

    1. Body Diameter: 3.75"
    2. Overall Height: 4.34375" - 4.71875"

    Compatible Containers

    1. Wooden Wick Aura Candle Vessels
    2. Dream Vessels INFINIA Collection
  • Container Dimensions

    1. Body Diameter: 3.75"
    2. Overall Height: 4.34375" - 4.71875"

    Box Dimensions

    1. Inside: 6.125” x 6.125” x 4.9375"
    2. Outside: 7.4375” x 6.4375” x 5.125”

    Box Design

    1. Style: Roll End Tuck Front (RETF)
    2. Material: 200# B Flute (1/8" Thick)
    3. Color: Kraft Brown

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