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CandleScience 8oz. Mason Jar (Label Ready) Shipper

  • Our CandleScience 8oz. Mason Jar (Label Ready) Shipper is identical to our CandleScience Straight Sided Tumbler Shipper. It is a modular shipper that fits either container.

    Made to fit the CandleScience 8oz. Mason Jar (Label Ready), our one-piece shipper is the perfect packaging for candles, bath salts, teas, creams, lotions, and more. Tired of bubble-wrapping? Sick of packing peanuts? Level-up your packaging with our all-in-one shipper that removes guesswork and makes packing a breeze. Jar not included.


    1. Safely ship the CandleScience 8oz. Mason Jar (Label Ready) without any other packaging
    2. Fits all lid combinations
    3. Assembles in seconds
    4. Fits 4" x 6" shipping labels
    5. 100% Recyclable
    1. Style: Roll End Tuck Front (RETF)
    2. Material: 200# E Flute
    3. Thickness: 1/16"
    4. Color: Kraft Brown
  • Box Dimensions

    1. Inside: 6+1/2” x 5+5/32” x 3+5/8"
    2. Outside: 7” x 5+11/32” x 3+13/16”
    3. Unfolded: 27+1/16” x 17+9/16”

    Jar Dimensions (with lid)

    1. Overall Height: 3+5/8"

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