Purposeful Glass Jar Packaging

Our tumbler boxes are designed with purpose. Custom packaging shouldn’t be defined by just putting print on a stock box. Custom packaging should begin from the ground up, designing beauty and durability into to each unique product. We design all our tumbler boxes to safely and securely hold your glass jar containers in an aesthetically pleasing manner that boosts your brand and first impressions. Flush Packaging has worked hard to eliminate environmentally harmful plastic fillers and excess cardboard from the process, leaving you with an eco-friendly box that keeps your product looking as beautiful as when you made it.

Tumbler Boxes For Any Size Business

Flush Packaging works with companies of any size to provide the best packaging solution for your business. Our passion is to help every business succeed by turning their glass jar packaging from a liability to an asset. Whether you need 100 boxes or 100,000, we can provide you with glass jar containers that save time and money while enhancing the look of your products. Every business is unique and if you need unique packaging to suit, we can work with you on creating custom shipping boxes so that you always have the perfect solution for your products.

Order A Sample

Still unsure about Flush Packaging? Order a sample of our tumbler boxes with free shipping to try our products risk free. If our glass jar packaging isn't exactly what you need, then send us a message. We'll work with you on creating your perfect box.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our tumbler boxes are designed and tested thoroughly in-house for quality and security. We maintain a strict testing protocol so that every box meets our high standards. We accept returns on orders up to 30 days from the purchase date and will refund any damaged or defective items.

Will My Products Fit?

All of our glass jar packaging dimensions are listed on each of their product pages along with a list of common vessels we’ve tested for performance and compatibility. For alternate sizes or different dimensions, contact us about custom tumbler boxes to fit your specifications.

Say Goodbye To Bad Packaging

Flush Packaging wants you to rethink shipping. We believe that a well-designed tumbler box can enhance the appeal of your product and boost your brand. By changing the way you think about glass jar containers and shipping, you can change your packaging from an afterthought to a cornerstone of your product offering. Move past the filler + packing peanuts and into a future where form and function meet to provide your company with the best packaging possible.

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