Say goodbye to generic packaging boxes, peanuts and bubble wrap.

We designed our line of packaging for small businesses to address the most common shipping problems and pitfalls faced by e-commerce brands today.

When it comes to packaging for small business owners, premium features don't have to come at an exorbitant price. At Flush, we design custom packaging boxes to help you ship your products safely and economically with an unparalleled unboxing experience.

With over 10 years of protective packaging design experience, we work hard to provide customers with innovative designs and superior craftsmanship that are built for the modern aesthetic. From standard layouts to custom designs, choosing Flush packaging/shipping boxes just makes sense.

Introduction by Founder/CEO Heeva Asefvaziri

Welcome to Flush!

Heeva talks passion behind packaging development for small businesses and why he started Flush Packaging.

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Custom Structural Packaging For Small Businesses

Custom packaging isn't just for large companies. We create made-to-order packaging boxes not only possible but affordable too. Our unique offering of packaging for small businesses ensures that your merchandise receives the attention it deserves before the box is even opened. With custom order minimums starting as low as 500 units, you can safely ship your products in bespoke packaging boxes uniquely designed just for you.

Superior Packaging for Small Business Needs

Our environmentally-friendly packaging for small businesses is as special as the products you make. From candle shipping boxes to those for mason jars and tumblers, our boxes will protect your merchandise consistently and beautifully. Check out our selection of shipping boxes for straight-sided jars to perfectly package candles, spices, teas, bath salts, jams, honey, candies, sauces and more.

We also offer 1 oz. (30 ml.) glass bottle packaging shipping boxes for CBD oil, essential oils and cosmetics for hassle-free multi-bottle deliveries to your customers.

Benefits of Flush Packaging Boxes

We are dedicated to crafting packaging for businesses of all sizes that not only gets your product safely to its destination but also looks good doing it. Here are some other reasons why our shippers are the best choice for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses:

  • Eco-friendly — 100% recyclable with no plastics or other filler materials.
  • Save $$$ on every shipment – save an average of $4.00 per shipment compared to stock boxes with bubble wrap and flat rate boxes.
  • Extremely durable – our boxes are made to protect your products from even the most disgruntled delivery driver.
  • Boost your brand – don’t let a bad unboxing experience be the first impression for the brand you’ve spent countless hours building.

We offer free shipping on samples so you can try before you buy. Level up your shipping with Flush packaging boxes today!