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Say Goodbye To Generic Boxes And Bubble Wrap

Eco-friendly shipping boxes and packaging available from Flush Packaging

100% Recyclable

Plastic-free packaging that doesn't require packing peanuts or bubble wrap

Locally Sourced

Manufactured in California with the highest quality materials available

Save $$$ On Every Shipment

Flush Packaging customers save on average more than $3 per shipment compared to other forms of packaging

Commitment To Quality

We accept returns on orders up to 30 days from the purchase date and will refund any damaged or defective items

"...I just got sent probably what is the nicest packaging I've seen for candles out there."

Jeff Standley, Standley Handcrafted

Watch Jeff talk about some of the features of our shipping boxes along with their many applications - from safely packaging mason jars and glass jars for shipping to making a great first impression with your brand.

How To Make A Candle Discovery Set

How To Make A Candle Discovery Set

February 20, 2023

Use our 2 oz Candle Tin 3-Packs and 6-Packs to create a discovery set to grow your brand and e-commerce sales! Whether you sell candles, jams, sauces, or anything in between, offering a sampler set of your products to your customer is a great way to introduce your scents or flavors to your potential customers.
Avoiding product returns may help grow your e-commerce business

Avoiding Product Returns May Help Grow Your E-Commerce Business

May 26, 2022

With a fresh outlook towards protective packaging, small e-commerce businesses can better navigate the harsh realities of shipping to reach new levels of growth.
Review of Flush Packaging Shipping Boxes for Candles by Jeff Standley of Standley Handcrafted

"The best packaging ever!" | Product Review by Standley Handcrafted

March 14, 2022

Jeff is the Administrator for the "DIY Candle Making Beginner to Advanced" Facebook group and Owner of Standley Handcrafted. Jeff tests out our shipping boxes for candles and shares his thoughts on how our shipping boxes not only help protect your candles during shipping but help create a great first impression.