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  • Flush Packaging is the official packaging partner of CandleScience. Thousands of candle makers trust Flush Packaging when packing their candles made with CandleScience vessels

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    sq. feet of bubble wrap saved, and counting

    Durable Shipping Boxes available from Flush Packaging. Perfect for candle makers!

    "I was so impressed by the durability of these boxes..."

    "Not only did they survive the long voyage across international waters, they look just as great as they did when I packed them. Thank you for designing such a solid product." - Amanda K.

    A Beautiful unboxing experience with protective shipping boxes available from Flush Packaging. Perfect for packing mason jars and glass jars safely wiithout bubble wrap or packing peanuts

    "That first 15 seconds of unboxing for customers is..."

    "one of the most crucial moments as a candle company. The 3-Pack Tumbler offers customers a phenomenal experience from the moment the box is delivered, to opening the package, the presentation during every step matters and Flush boxes offer precisely that." - Jason H.

    Flush Packaging is the official packaging partner of CandleScience

    The Official Packaging Partner of CandleScience

    Flush Packaging is the trusted source of candle packaging and shipping boxes for thousands of small businesses who use CandleScience vessels

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    Straight Sided Glass Jar Wholesale Shipping Boxes for bulk orders available for purchase from Flush Packaging

    Expand your reach through protective wholesale packaging

    Expand your wholesale offerings to non-local retailers! Ship large quantities of product affordably and safely without the bubble wrap.

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    "...the nicest packaging I've seen for candles out there."

    Jeff Standley, Standley Handcrafted

    Watch Jeff talk about some of the features of our shipping boxes along with their many applications - from safely packaging mason jars and glass jars for shipping to making a great first impression with your brand.

    Milk Reclamation Barn Tallow Balm box printed with Avery Matte Clear Film labels alternative to custom printing

    Clear Matte Labels: A Cost-Effective Custom Printing Alternative

    July 15, 2024

    Discover Avery's Clear Matte Film label and why we think it's one of the best alternatives to traditional custom printed boxes.

    Your ultimate guide to beautifully presenting candles for your candle business

    Candle Packaging Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide to Packing Candles

    June 25, 2024

    Candle lovers - this one's for you. Let's dive deep into the ins and outs of presenting candles beautifully. Our candle shipping boxes will help you create visually appealing packaging that captures attention and elevates the overall candle experience of your candles by your customers.
    Simplify bulk jar shipping with protective shipping boxes for glass jars available from Flush Packaging

    Simplify Bulk Jar Shipping with Flush Packaging

    June 03, 2024

    Shipping jars in bulk can be intimidating and complicated. Our glass jar wholesale shipping boxes make it easy by blending product protection with unboxing aesthetics to help expand your business through new retail relationships
    Retail Boxes from Flush Packaging for candles, jams, and sauces

    Shelf Ready Packaging: Top 3 Benefits of Great Retail Packaging

    December 12, 2023

    Our versatile and stylish selection of shelf ready packaging is ideal for creating a professional look that will have your products looking beautiful on a shelf or at pop-up markets.