Jelly Jar Boxes For Every Business

Flush Packaging is committed to making the best jelly jar boxes around. One of the ways we make that happen is in our design. We have easy-to-use shipping boxes for jelly jars — easy to fold, easy to close, easy to ship. The first thing your customers will notice about your product is the packaging it arrives in. Stand apart from the crowd with our jelly jar shipping boxes. They keep your products tightly secured during shipping while creating a nice, fit-to-form display. No more digging through mountains of packing peanuts, styrofoam filler or bubble wrap; just your product and the beautiful box it comes in.

And if our current shipping boxes for jelly jars don't work for you, we'll design the ones that do!

Save Money (And Time) With Our Jelly Jar Boxes

It's true. Customers overall save money with our packaging over USPS's Flat Rate shipping and most other boxes. Whether you are sending a gift to your friend or filling a customer's order, you can save money with our mason jar boxes by reducing your shipping costs. You no longer need to buy filler just to take up space in your packaging. Our canning jar boxes are standalone shippers that do not require any additional material. Simply fold the box, slide in your product, attach your shipping label, and send. No more filler means no more fuss, saving you time and money on your jelly jar boxes.

Shipping Boxes For Jelly Jars That Are Durable And Eco-Friendly

That is our mission when we founded our company in 2019. We want to make your shipping experience more efficient, with less time spent on the folding and packing process and worrying about whether your product is going to make it to your customer intact. That's why our designers have worked so hard to make our mason jar boxes easy to use and extremely robust. Simple-to-follow instructions make folding our boxes a breeze.

Our boxes are made to also reduce waste and unnecessary filler. We want to cut down on the amount of unnecessary debris that worms its way into canning jar shipping boxes. Instead of using uniform boxes with gobs of empty space that require styrofoam or packing peanuts, we built a jelly jar box that holds your products safely, securely, and without the need for all that clutter. The end result is a box that not only flatters your customer but cuts down on wasteful and harmful plastics.

Get More With Less From Our Canning Jar Shipping Boxes

Flush Packaging is here to serve businesses of any size. Whether micro, small or multinational, we love hearing stories from our customers about the great responses they get after switching to our mason jar boxes. We care so much about the quality of our packaging that we inspect every box that goes out our door as we count every order. Your satisfaction is our highest priority at Flush. All of our products are designed and tested for both quality and durability. We want you to be satisfied with your mason jar boxes through every step of the process. If you have a question or want to inquire about something else, please do not hesitate to contact us. To see our full line of products, visit our store to see how we can help reduce your overhead and make your business thrive.

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