Candle Tin Boxes Are Easy To Use (And They Look Great, Too!)

Our candle tin boxes are designed to fit your products. We make candle shipping boxes for multiple sizes ranging from two ounces to eight ounces. Whether you are shipping multiple products or single items, we have the perfect one-piece shipping solution for you. All of our tin candle packaging is easy to use.

Nothing beats a good first impression, and our form-fit tin candle packaging is designed specifically for your goods. The first thing your customers see is what your product looks like when they open the box. With candle tin boxes from Flush Packaging, you will see how your products fit into each uniform slot and hear the positive response you get from customers.

Candle Shipping Boxes Eliminate Waste Without Compromising Security

Our box designs allow you to easily and securely slide your candle tins into place, keeping them well protected during the shipping process without the unnecessary filler. Each candle tin box works to keep your product safe as it makes its way to the customer. Our box prevents your product from jostling around and getting scratched or dented during shipping. With our candle shipping boxes, you can feel confident that your products will arrive at the customer's door safely looking as great as when you packed them. And the best part? No one has to deal with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or styrofoam again.

Tin Candle Packaging With A Purpose

Flush Packaging was made to support small businesses. Our goal is to make tin candle packaging that is safe, efficient, economical and environmentally sound. If we don't already make the box that's right for you? We will. Flush Packaging can customize your candle tin boxes to fit whatever shape or size you make. Ask us about how we can make candle shipping boxes just for you!

Boring packaging is a thing of the past. Generic boxes are ill-equipped to meet the rigors of shipping and challenges of your business. Eliminate the mess and the unnecessary filler from your shipped goods. Get candle shipping boxes designed for your needs and send your products with confidence.

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