Why Use Our Eco-Friendly Boxes?

You've built your business with plenty of attention to detail, selecting quality ingredients to create a fabulous product that your customers will want to order again and again. When it comes time for you to send the result of your efforts, there's every reason to use our eco-friendly shipping boxes. For one thing, it tells your customers you are concerned about the environment. The fact that these packing boxes do such a good job of protecting your product also shows you want to make sure it arrives safe and sound at the customer's doorstep. There's an added benefit that these eco-friendly boxes also present your product neatly and attractively. Form and function, all in one eco-friendly box!

Who Do We Make Wholesale Packaging Boxes For?

For you, of course! Our high-quality packaging boxes are niche-driven and designed to give small businesses an edge. Using highly efficient production methods, we can maximize consistency and quality, while providing you with the best possible price. Ultimately, we want to develop wholesale packaging boxes that give your customer the best possible impression with the least possible impact on the environment.

What Makes Flush Packaging Boxes Unique?

Our attention to detail sets us apart from other manufacturers of packaging boxes. We hand-inspect every order, count each one to ensure accuracy and check for potential manufacturing or cosmetic defects. All of our wholesale packaging boxes undergo extensive drop testing and shipping tests to ensure they perform as intended. And you'll be pleased to know that every single one of our eco-friendly boxes has been designed and manufactured in California, so there's no need to worry about overseas shipping delays. Plus, you can feel good supporting a business that operates in the U.S.A.

Shop Flush Eco-Friendly Boxes To Protect Your Products

Whether the fruits of your labor involve handmade candles, sauces, jams or any other product presented in a glass jar, we have eco-friendly boxes to secure them and help them arrive at their destination in their original condition — all without bubble wrap or packing peanuts. We can help you create a custom packaging design, too! For quality eco-friendly shipping boxes you'll be proud to give to your customers, count on Flush — feel-good packaging that's good for your product and the environment, too. Shop today and feel free to contact us with any questions!