12 oz Straight Sided Glass Jar 3-Pack Shipping Box

  • Made to fit three 12 oz Straight Sided Glass Jars, our four-piece insert and outer shipping box is the perfect protective packaging for handmade candles, sauces, salsas and more. Tired of bubble-wrapping? Sick of packing peanuts? Level-up your packaging with our all-in-one shipper that removes guesswork and makes packing a breeze. jars not included.


    1. Designed to safely ship three 12 oz straight sided glass jars with without bubble wrap or any other packaging materials
    2. UPS Ground ship-tested design
    3. Four piece insert design assembles leisurely in under 20 seconds
    4. Perforated tear tabs allow for a presentable and quick unboxing experience
    5. Two full layers of 100% recyclable corrugated material provide cushioning around each side of the jar
    6. Built-in air-cell around perimeter of box provides rigidity to outer box and protects from side and corner impacts
    7. Fits 4" x 6" shipping labels
    8. 100% guaranteed
    9. Weight: 12.1 oz
  • Our 12 oz straight sided glass jar 3-pack shipping box is compatible with jars that have the following dimensions:

    1. Body Diameter: 3.34375"
    2. Overall Height: 3.1875"
  • Container Dimensions

    1. Body Diameter: 3.34375"
    2. Overall Height: 3.1875"

    Box Dimensions

    1. Inside: 12.75” x 5.625” x 3.5625"
    2. Outside: 14.125” x 6” x 3.8125”

    Box Design

    1. Style: Roll End Tuck Front (RETF)
    2. Material: 200# B Flute (1/8" Thick)
    3. Color: Kraft Brown

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