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2 Essential Techniques For Proper Box Folding

September 13, 2019 1 min read

Two essential tips for proper box folding technique for your candle business

At Flush Packaging, making purposeful packaging designs that help small businesses is what we're all about. Creating designs that most aren't familiar with is fun, but sometimes we forget just how hard they are to fold at first!

So we made a quick video showing some of our best practices when folding our products (or any box, for that matter). Here is our Founder Heeva Asefvaziri folding our CandleScience Straight Sided Tumbler 3-Pack Shipper:

  1. Fold every crease 180 degrees prior to assembly. This helps to not have to fight the stiffness of the corrugated cardboard and just makes for a better looking box. Yes it takes more time but you can probably afford it.
  2. Always make sure all locking tabs are securely locked into place. Most designs that have locking tabs rely on them for their role in the structural integrity of the box. If the box isn't strong, your product goes smoosh. We've designed ours to have an audible snap when properly folded

That's it! Incorporate these simple practices into your everyday order processing to make sure your packages get out the door as fit as possible for the journey to your customer!

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