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  • Candle Packaging Ideas: 3 Essential Candle Packaging Tips

    May 14, 2019


    You’ve found the perfect candle tin, figured out the exact type of wax you want to use, and even have a unique scent that you just know everyone is going to love. Great! Now for the question we hear most:

    “Oh shoot, how am I going to package my candles?”

    It’s ok. Breathe. You aren’t the only one facing this! When it comes to packaging your candle tins, you’ve got options. So, let’s explore the top 3 things you should consider as a small business when it comes to making a smart choice for shipping your candles.


    It really doesn’t matter how awesome your candle is if it arrives to your customer damaged. Returned items as a result of shipping damage is the last thing you want to deal with. Why? You put all of this effort into making your candles exactly how you want and market them to a customer who falls in love with them, only to have them arrive damaged. Then, you and your customer have to go through the return process which means a refunded order, more shipping costs, wasted time, energy, and (arguably most importantly) an upset customer.


    For candles, packaging is a huge deal and is undoubtedly a large part of what makes your product unique. Maybe you would like to create an unboxing experience for your customer. Our favorite reference for this is (surprise, surprise) Apple. Apple’s products share many commonalities; among them is presentation. People love great unboxing experiences! Apple’s packaging appropriately reflects the product, it’s price, and image.

     There is no reason why you can’t achieve this.


    This is a tricky one. As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of making every dollar count. Consider what your packaging is going to do for you for every dollar you spend on it. What’s the return? Ideally you want your packaging choice for your candles to be working for you in many ways. So, weigh your options. A few questions to consider: 
    • Are you creating a luxury or economical candle?
    • Would you like to use sustainable materials?
    • How many candles do you ship at a time?
    • What is your order volume?
    • Is packing time something you would like to minimize?


    Set your sights high and demand more from your packaging. By taking a critical look at a few of the factors that impact your candle’s packaging most, you will be well equipped to make an educated decision.

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