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Flat Rate or Flush? - A Detailed Cost Comparison Between USPS® Flat Rate Shipping and Flush Packaging

November 07, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

A cost comparison between using USPS flat rate boxes and shipping boxes from Flush Packaging

How you choose to ship your products and how much it will cost are among some of the most important questions for any e-commerce business to answer. Between navigating shipping options, weighing costs, and ultimately deciding how you want to present your products - it can be a daunting task. It is after all, your business. And with an ever increasing competitive landscape, shipping methods and costs demand attention.

The Goal

Compare the costs of using our products with the costs of using the USPS® Medium Flat Rate Box.

USPS® Medium Flat Rate Service

As of January 26, 2020, the USPS® Medium Flat Rate Box ships at a constant rate of $13.20/shipment. It is important to note that this fee is constant regardless of shipping destination. Shipping across the country? $13.20. Shipping to your Aunt Edna down the street? $13.20.

The USPS® Medium Flat Rate Box is not a standalone box for shipping. It requires some form of cushioning/void-fill material. For purposes of our comparison, we chose to use a readily available, economy bubble wrap; specifically ULINE® S-3927P Bubble Wrap.

Flush Packaging Products

Our candle boxes are standalone shippers; meaning that they are designed to ship by themselves without the need for additional cushioning/void-fill materials or double-boxing. Due to their size and weight, all of our 3-pack shippers qualify for USPS® Priority Mail Service.

For purposes of our cost analysis, we decided to base shipping costs on a cross-country shipping scenario; from Ventura, CA to New York City, NY. Keep in mind that any shorter distance will ship at a lower rate than what is shown in our comparison. All quoted shipping costs were generated using the free Shippo USPS Shipping Calculator.


Click here for a detailed analysis of our cost comparison.

Cost Comparison for the CandleScience Straight Sided Tumbler 3-Pack Shipper

Cost Comparison for the CandleScience 8oz. Mason Jar 3-Pack Shipper

Cost Comparison for the CandleScience Medium Straight Sided Jar 3-Pack Shipper

Cost Comparison for the CandleScience 8oz. Candle Tin 3-Pack Shipper


Within our shipping scenario, each one of our boxes are more cost effective when compared to using the USPS® Medium Flat Rate Box. In addition to the direct savings in shipping material and costs, Flush shippers streamline the packaging process and make for a presentable shipping alternative. Now you can save money with each shipment while creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customer.

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October 25, 2021

I am revamping my candle business and I am so excited that I found your website.

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