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  • Candle Packaging Ideas: Create The Perfect Discovery Set

    February 20, 2023

    All Photos: Courtesy of CandleScience

    You’ve poured countless hours into crafting your signature blends and now you have a line of candles you can’t wait to share with the world! Woohoo!

    Aside from creating Instagram Reels and even Google ads, you might feel stuck thinking of clever ways to get your products in front of your potential customers in ways your competitors aren’t.

    One of the best ways to showcase value and minimize the friction buyers typically experience with purchasing candles online is through a discovery set.

    What’s a Discovery Set?

    A discovery set is a single box that consists of three to six samples of each of your products. Think of them as bite-size versions of your candles. They can help immensely by introducing your brand to a new customer and allowing them to sample what you have to offer before they purchase a full-size product. They also serve as a great opportunity to introduce your brand to a new customer and can include other marketing materials like flyers or discount codes.

    Mitigate Risk for your Customer

    Consumers experience many points of friction that keep them from purchasing. Sometimes, it can be high shipping costs. Other times, if a product is priced higher than what they are comfortable with purchasing based on the information provided, they may decide not to purchase.

    Example: A visitor to your e-commerce store is faced with a decision as to what scent(s) they'd like to purchase. With candles priced between $20 - $45+, the fear of making a decision that ends with them buying a candle they feel "stuck" with and not enjoying is high. By offering a small sampler set, they will know exactly which scents they prefer beforehand and will purchase with confidence.

    Help Your Customer Fall in Love With Your Products Through Accessibility

    By making your products more accessible to your end consumer, you’re maximizing the potential for them to learn more about you and what you offer. This accessibility allows the environment for a relationship between you and your customer to form, ultimately reducing friction for purchasing.

    Candle Sampler Discovery Kits - The perfect first impression for your customer

    What Do I Need To Make A Discovery Set?

    With just a few materials, you'll be on your way to creating a beautiful and impactful discovery set of your own!

    1. CandleScience 2 oz Candle Tins: Don't be fooled by these tiny little tins - they can pack a HUGE punch when introducing your brand to a new customer! Rely on these little guys to do the heavy lifting when sharing your candle scents.
    2. Shipping Boxes: You know we've got you covered when it comes to boxes. Our 2 oz Candle Tin 3-Packs and 6-Packs are designed to fit CandleScience candle tins perfectly and will keep your samples looking organized and professional.

    PRO TIP: Trying To Grow Your Retail Reach?

    A sampler set can be the perfect introduction to the prospective retailer you're trying to make a great first impression with. These kits can help you efficiently expand your reach in many ways to help grow your candle company!

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