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  • F0529-2A

    Sonoma Tumbler 3-Pack Shipping Box™

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    • Designed to safely ship three CandleScience Sonoma Tumblers without bubble wrap or packing peanuts, our five-piece insert and shipping box design is the perfect protective packaging for shipping handmade candles made with sonoma tumblers from CandleScience.

      Tired of bubble wrap? Sick of packing peanuts? Level-up your packaging with our all-in-one, eco-friendly shipper that removes guesswork and makes packing a breeze.

      Important: Jars not included. For maximum durability, we recommend shipping with lids on your vessels.


      Made to safely ship three CandleScience Sonoma Tumblers

      1. Assembles in 30 seconds
      2. Fits 4" x 6" shipping labels
      3. 100% Recyclable

      UPS Ground-Tested Design

      Exceeds industry performance requirements for real world use

      1. Air-cell provides protection from side and corner impacts
      2. Two layers of material provide cushioning around each jar
      3. Commitment To Quality

      Need Help Folding This Box?

      Check out our interactive assembly video below! Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to fold your Flush box like a pro

      The Car Smash Test

      We go above and beyond by designing our boxes to endure even the harshest shipping environments

    • The following is a list of jars compatible with this shipping box:

      1. CandleScience Sonoma Tumbler
      2. CandleScience Sonoma Tumbler - Green
      3. CandleScience Sonoma Tumbler - Matte Black
      4. CandleScience Sonoma Tumbler - Prism
      5. CandleScience Sonoma Tumbler - Red
      6. CandleScience Sonoma Tumbler - Smoke