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Reduce Waste And Save Money When Packing Mason Jars For Larger Orders

Flush Packaging is committed to providing the best shipping boxes for wholesale applications available for e-commerce businesses. Check out our selection of boxes specifically designed for wholesale shipping applications. Ship 6 or more mason jars at a time? Our in-house designed box and insert combinations are the perfect go-to shipping solution for safely packing 6, 12, or more mason jars into a single box. They will save you money while also being environmentally safe. Reach new customers and scale your business comfortably with protective shipping boxes from Flush Packaging.

Grow Your Business Through UPS Ground-Tested Packaging

Now you can safely and efficiently ship larger quantities of mason jars to your retailers with our line of wholesale shipping boxes. Eliminate the frustration of having to wrap each individual jar with bubble wrap and reusing old flimsy inserts that come with your empty jars from your supplier. You no longer need to buy filler just to take up the empty space in your packaging. Our mason jar boxes are standalone shippers that do not require any additional material. Simply fold, slide in your product, attach a shipping label, and send.

Free Shipping On Samples

Order up to five samples, risk-free. Trying Flush mason jar shipping boxes has never been easier.

UPS Ground-Tested

Our extensive shipping tests ensure your large orders will arrive at their destination beautifully.

100% Guaranteed

We accept returns on orders up to 30 days from the purchase date and will refund any damaged or defective items.

Made In California

Local manufacturing and hand-inspection of each box eliminates overseas shipping delays while maintaining strict quality control.

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