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Shipping Inserts

Have An Outer Box? Try Our Shipping Inserts!

Like the idea of a custom shipping insert but want to use a box of your own? Our separate shipping inserts are made to be used with our shipping mailers or with any box that has the recommended dimensions listed on each product page. This allows your to source your own box while at the same time taking advantage of the availability of a protective shipping insert that will eliminate the need for bubble wrap and other void-fill materials.

Maximum Versatility For Many Applications

Offering our shipping inserts separately allows for the flexibility of using just the amount of inserts you need for your application. Our inserts do not require the need for a box cutting knife to cut away bubble wrap from your glass bottles. Create a safe, reliable, and memorable packaging experience for your customer that will reinforce their confidence in ordering and reordering from you.

Free Shipping On Samples

Order up to five samples, risk-free. Trying Flush protective shipping inserts has never been easier.

UPS Ground-Tested

Our extensive shipping tests on our shipping inserts ensure your products will arrive at their destination beautifully.

Quality Commitment

We accept returns on orders up to 30 days from the purchase date and will refund any damaged or defective items.

Made In California

Local manufacturing and hand-inspection of each box eliminates overseas shipping delays while maintaining strict quality control.