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6 oz Candle Tin Retail Box™

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  • Designed to safely pack one 6 oz Candle Tin our one-piece retail box design is the perfect box for showcasing handmade candles, spices, creams, balms, teas and bath salts made with 6 oz candle tins. They also double as a high quality gift box for elevating your holiday packaging.

    Now you can prepare your 6 oz tins from CandleScience for a beautiful, eye-catching shelf presence that will serve as a great canvas to showcase your brand. Tins not included.


    Made to safely pack one 6 oz Candle Tin

    1. One-piece design assembles leisurely in under 20 seconds
    2. Attached insert creates a unique unboxing experience
    3. 100% Recyclable

    Perfect For Retail Applications

    Professional and presentable way to showcase your brand

    1. Product viewing windows on two sides
    2. Safely pack within an outer box for safe shipping
    3. Commitment To Quality

    Need Help Folding This Box?

    Check out our interactive assembly video below! Our step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to fold your Flush box like a pro

  • The following is a list of jars that are compatible with this box:

    1. CandleScience 6 oz Black Candle Tin
    2. CandleScience 6 oz Candle Tin
    3. The Flaming Candle 6 oz Candle Tin
    4. Specialty Bottle 6 oz Deep Tin Container with Slip Cover
    5. Specialty Bottle Gold 6 oz Deep Tin Container with Slip Cover

100% Recyclable

Plastic-free packaging that doesn't require packing peanuts or bubble wrap

Locally Sourced

Manufactured in California with the highest quality materials available